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Thank you for your interest in contributing an article to Canyon Magazine. We are all about exploration, adventure, photography and video. We want to build a site that records and shows canyoning as well as the technical aspect in a unique way to allow others to be inspired and to showcase the natural beauty that is often hidden away.


We love to receive articles from all over of the world and from all sorts of people. It’s what makes the canyoning community so supportive and amazing. If you have a story or want to share one of you canyoning journeys then fill out the submission form below!

The articles must have something unique and special for our readers and not just FaceBook Trip Reports with 2 sentences and the entire digital camera upload. It needs to be much more than that.


The most common question: How many words? As a guide we tend to like articles of about 500 – 2500 words. The articles should focus on the experience and adventure and as well technical details.

We know some of the explorations are so long and epic and may require more words or pictures and if this is the case we can split up the story into multiple sections. There are no limitations on style, as long as the articles are exciting, engaging and is wholly focused on canyoning.

As a rough guideline, each sub section usually is the minimum amount of words.


Editorial: 700 words
Exploration: 2500 words
Interview: 1500 words
Medical: 1500 words
Photo Journal: 500 words
Review: 1000 words
Trip Report: 500 words
Video: 500 words


Any word length.

Technical Articles

Complete Technical chapters should be at least 3000 words.


For us, it is not only about the story but also the imagery that goes along with the article. We want the photos to show the part of the world that is not normally seen. Photos are essential to the articles on Canyon Magazine.

There is a minimum requirement of 9 photos for any story in the Explore section with an upper limit of 30 photos (we showcase the best photos, not every photo). We accept all formats. We do prefer in receiving as large as file as possible (Full size JPEG / TIFF / PSD of at least 3000 px 2000px) so we can than crop the image to our working size. We do reserve the right to change and edit the photos to fit the content and style. Please note we do not accept watermarked images.

When published all photos on Canyon Magazine have the following specifications:

File Format: JPEG
Size: 1440 x 1010
Compression: 80%
Average file size: 400k ~ 700k.


We accept articles in all languages and we’ll do our best to translate them into the current languages we support which is English, Japanese & Spanish. In the future we hope to have more languages (If you can help translating some articles into your own langauge please get in contact).


The copyright of all submissions belongs to the respective author / photographer of the article as well as Canyon Magazine. At any time, if you do not want your article to be on Canyon Magazine anymore please let us know, but we hope it does not come to that. We will never sell, transfer or license your images or content.

You will always have full control of your submissions and images and before publishing, we will always submit the article to you for a final check before posting it online live. If there are any questions, we shall get in contact with you.


As a writer, your story and profile will be featured on the website and will reach thousands of canyoning enthusiasts every month. We’ll also help you build your following by linking your articles to your blog, personal website, or social media accounts. Please note that we cannot pay for articles.

If you have an idea or any questions then please get in touch via our contact form. We do read all submissions but as we are a very small team with full time jobs, please understand that we shall do our best to reply to you as soon as possible. Canyon Magazine is managed in our own time and with own personal finances and is given to the worldwide canyoning community for free.