RIC Catalunya 2021

Postponed to 2023

Dear colleagues, despite our regret, we have to inform you that we must postpone the RIC2021.CAT.

We have analyzed the situation and the conditions are not met to ensure that an event of this type will be successful in July 2021: mobility restrictions, lack of air supply, uncertainty about making advance reservations that involve making an advance financial contribution, regulations that each week are more restrictive and uncertain to foresee in time…

We want to be able to interact with you, we really want, but of course in a personal way and not in a virtual way, we have asked the “Federation for International Canyoning (FIC)” to allow us to carry out the meeting, as we had planned, in 2023. We are not planning to do it in 2022, as this year will be organized by Brazil (www.facebook.com/RIC2022).

We can only apologize for the expectation that we have created and that we will not be able to face, but as everyone knows the reasons are force majeure.

A hug to all the canyoners in the world!

The organization of RIC2021.CAT

Welcome to RIC2021.CAT

The organization team of RIC2021.CAT Catalunya-Pirineus welcomes you to one of the most interesting canyoning destinations in the Eastern Catalan Pyrenees. We would like to introduce you to the canyons of “Catalunya-Pirineus” in their best moments. Summer 2021, July 2 to 11. Explore the region of “Catalunya-Pirineus” and its secret beauties.

The capital of Catalunya is Barcelona, very well communicated and is an ideal place to combine sports, sun, beach, mountain, gastronomic and cultural holidays. The base camp for the RIC2021.CAT is located in the village of “Sant Joan de les Abadesses”, 1h30’ far from Barcelona by car, where you can enjoy: nine days of canyoning, pure nature, relax, exploration, history, tradition, food, wine, music and many more! “Sant Joan de les Abadesses”, in “Vall del Ter”, located in the north of Catalonia, in the Pyrenees, is very close to the French border and strategically located a few kilometers from the “Vall de Núria”, the “Parc Natural de les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser”, the “Espai d’Interés Natural de l’Alta Garrotxa “, the “Espai d’Interés Natural de les Serres de Milany-Santa Magdalena i Puigsacalm-Bellmunt”.

The base camp is located very close to the most beautiful canyons of “Catalunya-Pirineus”. Only 31 km from “Torrent de la Corba”, 32 km from “Freser Superior”, 33 km from “Gorges de Núria”, 35 km from “Salt de Sallent” and “Torrent de les Cavorques”, 40 km from “Sant Aniol” and “Les Canals”, 53 km from “Pas de l’Escalell”…

Water conditions and weather are the best combination there. High level equipment in majority of canyons. Traditional high-quality food and plenty of accommodation with many additional facilities near the most important canyons. The organization of the RIC2021.CAT offers anyone who wants a low cost accommodation in the base camp during the RIC 2021.CAT Catalunya-Pirineus.


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Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Catalunya,


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