Located in the one of the best areas for skiing, lies a spectacular canyon course…

Canyon Magazine
November 2013

Destination Hakuba, Evergreen Outdoor Centre. Only four hours away from Tokyo, located in the heart of the some of the best areas for skiing lies a spectacular one day canyoning course. Available from late April until October, we join up with them in late September to photograph Evergreen’s Kamoshika course.

Kamoshika is one of 2 courses that Evergreen Outdoor Centre run in the mountains of Hakuba, the other being a full day course called Nagiso Canyon which is only available by reservation. For those wanting to experience rushing whitewater canyoning in Kamoshika, the June and July periods are recommended.

The day starts just below one of the many dams in the area and at this time the water is refreshingly cool but still reasonably warm for this time of the year. It all starts relatively easy with a simple climb and slide down in to the pool below before heading deeper into the canyon.


Half an hour further down canyon we reach the point for the first abseil, as 17 metre waterfall. At first everyone is lowered down on onto a small ledge while the abseil anchor is setup. Once set, a brief but thorough explanation on abseiling and they’re off down the fall. A quick dunking under the waterfall midpoint of the abseil certainly wakes everyone up. Completing the abseil we make our way further down to our lunch point for a quick break.

One feature that is unique about this course than other canyon course is a 70 metre flying fox located in the centre of the canyon. Flying over the river and rocks at great speed is a great way to bypass some of the scrambling to the next section of sliding heaven.


The first sliding section is only a couple of meters. On certain times of the year the water is flowing so much that you end up zip lining over this section for the main slider of ten meters. The super smooth surface makes you slide down at great speed and with an easily accessible climb back to the top means that you can do it over and over.

The final section is which is the most prettiest section with the sun coming through the trees reflecting off the canyon walls. A few more smaller slides and climb downs we make it to the zip line section you you go into full active mode zipping down as superman or doing running swing outs over the crystal clear pools.


Kamoshika Canyon is an amazing course that can be be done either as a full day to half day course. Thanks to Evergreen Outdoor Center and the participants for allowing us to tag along and photograph the tour.