Betalogue 2013.11

Summer has come to an end and canyoning has already started to wind on down…

Canyon Magazine
November 2013

As summer has finally come to an end and the gradual move to winter sets in, canyoning in the northern hemisphere and Japan has already started to wind on down. Even though the season maybe ending here the canyoning season has already started in the Southern Hemisphere in New Zealand and Australia. But it’s not those two countries, areas like Indonesia, Taiwan, Africa and South America are all coming into season so if you’re travelling, get out there an enjoy it!

This year has been such great experience for us. We have met many wonderful people, introduced many to canyoning and hopefully shown that we are here to provide a unique and colourful view of our sport. Canyoning is one of the fastest growing adventure sports around the world and the number of people searching for information about it has increased this year especially in Japan.

We hope you enjoyed the first 3 issues, we will be back in the new year to provide again more coverage of canyons in Japan as well as canyons overseas.