Betalogue 2013.08

Two months since launching and the response has been overwhelming!

Canyon Magazine
August 2013

Welcome to Issue01 of Canyon Magazine!

It’s been two months since launching our very first issue and the response has been overwhelming! We posted the Issue late on a Thursday night and woke up the following morning with our inbox full of messages from around the world. Just goes to show how powerful the social network is. In the past two months we’ve had approximately 7000 people view the magazine and over 1000 downloads of the PDF versions.

This exceeded even our most optimistic expectations.. As a husband and wife team who do all the sales, marketing, design, photography and programming for the magazine and website, we cannot express our gratitude enough to everyone who has supported us, read the magazine and left us comments and messages. We are truly thankful.

In this edition of the magazine we have tweaked the format slightly. We want it to be less wordy but show even more photographs of the canyons. We visit Okinawa for a week to discover what was down there and we were well surprised. We also went to Deer Canyon in the onsen area of Agatsuma where it’s just waterfall after waterfall in some of the most scenic canyons around.

We do a DIY course where three of us take a sawanobori (river climbing) course and do it in reverse only to be left hanging off pitons in the wall. We go on a three day training course for new guides in Minakami and last but not least we review some of the more popular Japanese river-walking/canyoning shoes. We hope you enjoy Issue01 and look forward to reading the next.