Betalogue 2014.05

First year of running a magazine proved to be as fun and as difficult as expected…

Canyon Magazine
November 2014

New Year, New Season

The second year of trying to run a magazine dedicated for canyoning was very tough and hard. There were many successes and also many failures as well. But we were pleasantly surprised when we went to the RIC Balearik Conference this year that so many people had actually heard of our magazine. Even being so far away from the international canyoning community, doing something we love to promote an a specialised sport in a country where the amateur side is so small gave us renewed passion.

This issue you’ll find a lot of Spanish content due to the fact we were at RIC Balearik. This was the first time any Japanese canyoning representation has been to one of these events which we were pleasantly surprised. We met wonderful people through out the week long conference and descended a couple of the canyons as well. If you have never been to a RIC, then we highly recommend going. We also review some Spanish canyoning equipment, write a subjective view of CIC Training which was held in Japan and finish off with some canyoning in Tanzawa, Japan.

Next year, we are focusing on more international canyoning and more international stories. We are also opening up the entire magazine to everyone now as it’s quite difficult to do all by ourselves. If you have any stories or picture you wish to share with us, then get in contact.

We hope you enjoy the articles and see you for the next round coming soon.